Featured Writings by Johnny Hurley

Of War we do not speak anymore

Feb 25, 2018

You can’t desecrate the flag or the national anthem by kneeling at a football game without clamorous rabble, and you can’t have a parade displaying military power without a cacophony of disapproval, but by God you better believe you can roll tanks and rain bombs on countries you’ve never visited and know nothing about for decades and nobody will say a word.

Statism is massive cognitive dissonance

Mar 4, 2018

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allow myself to introduce.. myself

Sep 2, 2016

Hello, my name is Johnny Hurley. I became interested in politics and government and became an activist after being jolted “awake” watching online films like Zeitgeist and Esoteric Agenda and listening to G. Edward Griffin and Michael Tsarion in the summer of 2007. To just call it becoming an activist leaves so much out though; starting on a path to truth changed my whole life. I have never been the same since, and I never will be. Arundhati Roy put it quite beautifully saying “once you see it, you can’t unsee it”, and for most of you reading this you know what that means. There is no blue pill. You either begin to take responsibility for what you know or you begin to pile up the excuses not to. I chose to take the responsibility, having no idea what to do or where to start.