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Dedicated in loving honor to our fallen brother, Johnny Hurley, who gave his life to save others.


On June 21st, 2021 John Michael Hurley stopped an active shooter in Olde Town Arvada, Colorado.   He was shopping at the local Army Surplus store when he heard shots fired in the square and immediately responded.   Johnny took cover behind a wall where he could see fallen officer, Gordon Beesley, who had just been killed, as well as the shooter coming back for another round.   Johnny shot & killed the shooter, who had been firing into nearby restaurants and cars.   An officer who was inside the building when the gunman first started firing into the square, claims he mistook Johnny for the shooter, and shot him in the back without warning– mistakingly killing the hero that day.

Family and Friends of Johnny Hurley continue to share his story in the hopes that in future scenarios like this one, responding police may have better training to avoid civilian casualties in cases where citizens are the protectors

We have the right to defend ourselves and each other without getting killed for it.

On June 22nd, 2022 Johnny’s mother filed a lawsuit against Arvada PD for unlawful use of deadly force.  In September of 2023, the case came to a close with a settlement and Arvada Police Department agreed to pay 2.8 million in damages.


(CBS) ‘A joint statement from the City of Arvada and the attorney’s office for the Estate of John Hurley and Kathleen Boleyn reads in part, “Recognizing that this was a horrific set of circumstances for all involved, the parties have agreed to settle this matter. In reaching a settlement, the parties acknowledge the tragic loss of Officer Beesley and Mr. Hurley and acknowledge Mr. Hurley’s heroic actions under trying and unusual circumstances.  These men were loved by their families and friends; they were valued members of their communities.’

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