A. Accountability – Johnny Hurley saved Olde Town Arvada & was subsequently killed on June 21, 2021

Restorative Justice: unitive justice program while also taking the steps to ensure community safety, effectively investing in more advanced and consistent in-action programs for officers who carry a weapon to minimize risk for abuse of force, assess the need for and add if necessary more mental health support programs for officers in the field, and offer educational community interactive programs to citizens and police to learn how to work together in an emergency in order to prevent this type of tragedy from ever happening again.

B. Prevention: Address Police Reform

1. Community Safety: Assess to optimize current Arvada police protocols regarding rules of engagement for efficiency & community safety by honorable third-party

2. Police Training: Create advanced action-training programs for all gun carriers on the force to prevent future tragedy.

3. Field Support: Assess the adequacy and efficacy of current mental health support for field officers & optimize where necessary

C. Community Strength:

1. Education of Rights + Police Community Outreach + Civilian Protection Awareness

– How to safely exercise our constitutional rights

The time is now for a public conversation about our right to bear arms without being killed for it

Civilian protection awareness – materials and events/workshops including self-defense awareness and community-building events.

Stronger citizens equal a safer community.

3. Hero Hurley Award – Memorial of Johnny Hurley – Statue build by Brandon Love & Team



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